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On every night of the year, even at Christmas, the sights and sounds of satisfaction echo through private apartments and hotel rooms all over London, this hedonistic dark city of lights. Escort agencies in all their myriad forms take calls from strangers and regulars alike to fulfil the desires and fantasies that are willingly catered to by girls of all ages whose most exceptional talents cater to countless fantasies and satiate so many secret desires. Young and innocent ingenues along with seasoned high-class courtesans prepare themselves for dates with men of all ages that will take them once again to yet another hotel suite or wait impatiently in their apartments for a knock on the door.


Koje had only just finished school in Japan when she arrived in London only a short while ago to stay with her sister who had been working as an escort for one of the best Japanese escort agencies in London. Koje was quite innocent as far as men were concerned, but she had already enjoyed some sexual experiences with girls at her school, as well as with her sister. When Koje got her first call from the agency, her feelings were an unexpected blend of apprehension and anticipation because she really had no clear idea of what to expect; however, these qualms soon subsided as her sister laid her down on the bed and gently licked her tender young pussy until it was moist enough to take in two of her fingers. It took less than a minute for Koje to attain orgasm, and with that all her concerns seemed to vanish into thin air.


As requested by the client, Koje got dressed in a short skirt and white blouse with long white socks and flat shoes; her underwear was simple white cotton like the kind she wore at school, and her beautiful long dark hair hung coquettishly in pigtails. The instructions from her agency were quite clear, she was to go to a house in Mayfair belonging to a regular client and simply to act natural and do whatever the client desired. When her taxi pulled up at the house, Koje couldn’t believe how magnificent it looked, almost like a palace to her unsophisticated eyes. She rang on the doorbell which was soon answered by a uniformed maid who showed her up some stairs to a large bedroom suite on the second floor; the maid gave her a soda from an open bar in the room and instructed her to wait there for the master of the house to appear. Koje sat down on a sumptuous couch at the foot of the bed and waited.


When the bedroom door opened, Koje was slightly taken aback, the client was in his eighties and much older than her own grandfather, but his voice was so calm and reassuring that Koje soon got used to the idea of an old man with white hair standing in front of her wearing nothing but a dressing gown. He told her to stand up and bend over, then he slowly lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and began kissing her tight little bum; this seemed to go on for a long time before he started licking her pussy until it was open and wet. Koje expected to be penetrated at any moment, but instead the old man sat her back down on the couch and sat next to her. He undid the buttons of her blouse and fondled her pretty breasts for a while before sucking on her nipples and then kissing her passionately on the mouth. Then he stood up in front of her and put his throbbing manhood inside her mouth. Koje sensed that he could come at any moment and remembering what her sister had told her, she started fondling his balls, which made him explode all over her face.


The client was so pleased that he extended the booking for the rest of the night, during which time Koje discovered that the art of pleasing a man could be far more diverse than she had previously imagined. Koje would have many more adventures in the days and weeks and months to come, and maybe she will share them with us. Would you like to hear more about her exploits one day?


Courtesans in Japan have been held in high esteem throughout most of ancient and modern history, much as their counterparts were in Europe from the middle ages to the present day. Japanese escorts are often rated as the best, not only in London, but around the world. Their subtle blend of traditional techniques with the more liberal westernised style of fantasy and role play make them exceptional courtesans. Most Oriental gentlemen probably know this already, but if you don’t you really should give Japanese escorts a chance to show you how exceptional they truly are; you will be more than happy you did.


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