More Adventures of a Young Japanese Escort in London


If you have been following the adventures of Koje here on Hot Japanese Escorts, you will already know how absolutely perfect she is in every way. Since her debut here earlier in the year she has made a lot of friends like Ume, and a few girls from other escort websites like Yue Yue and Isabel, two of the sweetest and prettiest girls you could ever be lucky enough to have on a booking with over at Angel Escorts of London. If you have already booked her for a date you will know that Koje is a very special escort and that she always surprises her dates with her youth, innocence and friendliness. There always comes a time when innocence gives way to naughty pleasures, and on one long hot day during the summer Koje found that out.


It was a Sunday, and Koje had arranged to meet Ume outside the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park so that they could take a walk beside the Serpentine together. Ume had brought a loaf of bread and they had fun feeding it to the swans and ducks as they strolled along, then they stopped at the refreshment bar and sat down to have a pot of tea and a friendly chat. Koje soon got a call from Isabel who had been out shopping at Harrods with her best friend Yue Yue. They had met two men from Hong Kong at the sushi bar who had asked them both to come back to their suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel for a drink. The two men were affluent businessmen in town for meetings and had asked Yue Yue and Isabel whether they had two friends who could join them, as they wanted two girls each.

Koje told her that she was in Hyde Park with Ume and that they could be there in a few minutes, so off they went out of the park to the hotel. The suite was lavish with two bedrooms and a balcony, and after financial arrangements had been settled one of the men decided to take Koje and Isabel to his bedroom while the other man took Ume and Yue Yue to his. They had both wanted Koje, but the elder man got her. The sequence of events that followed were much as you would expect in both bedrooms, with the men enjoying the delights of having two young girls each to play with. However, when that was over, the younger man who had not been with Koje yet negotiated an extra fee to see her with Ume, while Isabel and Yue Yue agreed to role play as naughty schoolgirls for the older man.


Isabel and Yue Yue were both very adept at fulfilling fantasies based on naughty schoolgirls and were happy to bend over and pull up their skirts for the old man, while Koje was being asked to do something which she had not considered doing before.


Isabel will have the pleasure of telling you what happened next to these four girls in her blog on Angel Escorts of London later this month.


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