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Koje woke up at her apartment late one Monday morning feeling much more elated than usual. After taking a long shower and making a pot of aromatic tea, she opened her handbag and took out the large wad of fifty pound notes that she had received for the weekend break in Paris. There was little that Koje liked more than indulging in shopping therapy, so she called a cab and headed for Bond Street; she had a few thousand pounds to spend, and she was determined to enjoy herself.


The weekend had been quite an adventure. It began on Saturday morning with a limousine ride to Stansted airport where she boarded a private jet which she had all to herself. Even though it was a relatively short flight to Paris, she enjoyed a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs served with a pot of caviar and hot buttered toast. A limousine picked her up at Orly airport and took her to the Georges V hotel in the centre of Paris where a lavish two-bedroom suite had been booked in her name. At the time, Koje wondered why there were two bedrooms, but that would become all too apparent to her later that same evening. There was a note in a bouquet of flowers from the client telling her to use the limousine and spend the day seeing the sights, and that he would meet her in the suite at 10 pm. Koje did just that, and she first went to the Louvre to marvel at the works of art, then went to the top of the Eiffel Tower for lunch. After doing some window shopping and having tea on the Champs Elysee she returned to the hotel and took a nap. Koje woke up when her alarm buzzed shortly after eight o’clock; she took a long bath before getting dressed and putting on her make-up, then sat on the balcony watching the pigeons fly in concentric patterns through the sky. Time seemed to stand still, then suddenly it was 10 pm, and her client was standing there beside her. He took her to one of the bedrooms and told her to kneel down, then he quickly dropped his pants and told her to cradle his balls in her hands and lick them; he was son erect and began to use her as a masturbation tool, all the while telling her to suck harder and harder on his balls. He pulled out and came all over her pretty face, then told her to go to the bathroom to freshen up.


Koje thought that he would be ready for his main course when she came back into the room, but instead he told her that his younger brother was waiting for her in the other bedroom. Koje knew the client well enough to know that she would be handsomely paid for the weekend with him anyway, and that his brother would represent a tidy bonus. So, not even bothering to get dressed, she went to the next room where she found a boy who looked no older than 15; he was sitting on the bed fully clothed looking shy and somewhat bewildered, but he smiled when he saw how pretty she was and Koje knew that this was going to be very easy. No sooner had she sat down and kissed him while rubbing his cock through his trousers, he let out a gasp and ran to the bathroom; the trick was over almost before it had begun. The rest of the weekend was spent in ways I am sure you can imagine, and probably a few ways that you can’t. Koje took the jet home on Sunday night secure in the knowledge that she had a surplus of shopping money in her handbag.


The shopping on Bond street went well, and as she was walking towards the Burlington Arcade, a Chinese businessman stopped her outside of Sotheby’s and asked her for directions to The Ritz. Koje knew very well that he didn’t need directions and offered to show him the way which is what he intended anyway. He was a Chinese art collector ho had been at a sale at Sotheby’s, and his appetite for unusual sex would keep Koje occupied for the rest of the day and through the night. That diary entry will be the subject of the next instalment of Koje’s adventures here on Hot Japanese Escorts.


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