Naughty Adventures of a College Girl, Japanese Style Part 1

Naughty Ryoka

Ryoka, a stunningly beautiful Japanese girl, is a university student doing a post graduate degree in London. Fortunately for her clients, she has expensive tastes and she loves to go out shopping for nice things, so she is always in need of extra cash; consequently, she is often available to book   here at Hot Japanese Escorts. You can see for yourself what an absolute dish she is by looking at her photos in the gallery section.


Ryoka, whose academic prowess had always been a little above average, had found that her tutors were more than ready to give her private tuition whenever she needed it, and one of them had given her exceptional grades for reasons that will probably be evident to most men who can imagine themselves in that position. The tutor in question was a middle-aged man who was going through a divorce, and Ryoka found herself in his study one evening doing a revision for an upcoming exam. She knew that getting high enough marks was, at best, a fifty-fifty chance so she decided to improve her chances. She was wearing a short, pleated skirt, white blouse and long white socks; and she looked every inch like every man’s dream of a young college student sitting there with her legs crossed and her skirt halfway up her thighs. It was a hot early summer evening, and Eun-Ha had undone the two top buttons of her blouse so that the lace bra she was wearing was visible; when she saw that the tutor’s eyes were firmly fixed on her cleavage, she got up and walked around his desk and stood there unbuttoning the rest of her blouse. Ryoka knew that her tutor would not be able to resist, so she took his hands and put them on her breasts, then she knelt down and unzipped his fly. The rest I leave to your imagination, but Ryoka got an A+ in that exam, so I guess the tutor must have had a really good time.


Soon after this episode, Eun-Ha decided to join Hot Japanese Escorts, and she has never looked back. She is a firm favourite with guys who like to date college girls, and never ceases to satisfy all their fantasies about the genre. Whether the booking involves role play or a girlfriend experience, Ryoka plays the part to perfection.


One of her regular clients, a Japanese businessman, has a recurring fantasy about having an affair with his niece who is at university in America. He has a large house near Richmond with a large garden in which there is what appears to be from the outside a simple garden shed, but inside that shed it looks like a headmaster’s study at a prominent university. The booking starts with Ryoka arriving at the house where his maid answers the door and takes her bag and coat, then Ryoka makes her way down the garden path and knocks on the door of the shed.


As usual, the client keeps her waiting a few moments, then says “Come” in the brash manner expected of such tutors. Ryoka enters, closing the door behind her, and walks over to his desk. “Do you know why I have summoned you here today, young lady? The client asks her in a stern tone. “I’m not sure that I do” Ryoka replies with a shy smile on her face. “Well, you have been reported several times for fraternising with men on campus grounds, and I am sorry to tell you that you are going to be expelled from this university”. “Oh no” Ryoka says as she starts to cry. After a pause, he gets up from his desk and stands behind her and says, “There is a way you could change my mind about this decision”. Ryoka turns and replies, “Anything, anything at all, sir”.


Sometimes the client was satisfied with Ryoka giving him oral sex, other times enjoying the taste of her young body and taking on the floor of his ‘study’, but occasionally he would tell her to lift up her skirt, bend over, and take the punishment he said she deserved. This particular scenario will be outlined in full on the next instalment of Ryoka’s naughty activities.


Delightful Ume

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