Naughty Adventures with Ryoka, Japanese Style Part 2

Sexy Ryoka

If you saw the last blog here on Hot Japanese Escorts, you will already know that Ryoka, a stunningly beautiful Japanese girl, is a college student doing a degree in London. You can see for yourself what an absolutely gorgeous young girl she is by looking at her photos in the gallery section.


Sometimes her clients are satisfied with Ryoka giving them oral sex because she has such a pretty face and sensuous mouth, other times they enjoy sampling the wonders of her young body and taking her from the front and the rear, but occasionally a client will tell her to lift up her short skirt, bend over, and lightly spank her, all the while telling her that she is a naughty schoolgirl who needs to be taught how to behave. This particular scenario will be the subject of the next instalment of Ryoka’s naughty adventures here at Hot Japanese Escorts.


In fact, Ryoka can be all things to all men and a girlfriend experience with her is as much, or more, than any man could dream of. For younger men, a date out with her is always fun, and for older men she is so loving that the age difference does not matter at all.

Recently, a very young man took her out for lunch in Hyde Park, and they sat next to the Serpentine together watching the ducks and swans swim by. The young man was sure that he had fallen in love and just sat there holding her hand for hours talking about his life and asking her about her about her life. When they eventually went back to his hotel, he was sure that she felt the same way and they made tender love over and over until the next morning. When Ryoka left after breakfast, he promised to see her on his next trip to London, and it is a good bet that he will do just that.


Ryoka has had quite a few girlfriend experience dates with older men too, some even very old, but these are different in more ways than one. Sometimes the older man takes her out for a meal pretending that she is his niece, daughter or even in some cases his granddaughter. When they go back to her apartment or his hotel, the older man will often sit down on the sofa and tell Ryoka to stand in front of him and slowly lift up her skirt to show him her panties, then tell her to unbutton her blouse and lean over so that he can fondle her pretty breasts. Then, after she takes off her skirt and blouse, he sits her down next to him and puts his hand inside her panties. You can probably imagine what happens next, can’t you.


Ryoka is also very adept at role play and is always happy to indulge your fantasies both in and out of uniform. As I said at the start, one of these fantasies will be related in our next blog, so be sure to keep checking this website for updates.


Meanwhile you should check out Ryoka’s best friend, Morie in the gallery section here on Hot Japanese Escorts in case you would like a date with two young girls. She is so delightful that you will be glad you did.


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