The Further Adventures of a Young Japanese Escort



Koje, one of the sweetest and prettiest young girls you could ever hope to have on a booking, was getting so popular amongst the clients here on Hot Japanese Escorts that sometimes she has had to turn down a booking, which has left her would be clients feeling rather sad and forlorn. However, she always makes sure that she gives them special attention when she eventually manages to fit them in. You have to remember that Koje is not anything like a typical escort and that she always surprises her dates with her innocence and friendliness.


Koje was having lunch with her friend Ping Ping, who is one of the most popular young girls on London Oriental Escort Girls, a super website with so many beautiful women. Thy had arranged to go shopping after lunch, but Ping Ping received a booking before they finished eating and had to leave in a hurry. Koje never much liked shopping on her own, so she went to see the exhibition of pre-Raphaelite art at the Tate Gallery, but it felt lonely walking around the museum on her own, so she took a taxi to Piccadilly and because she had a very sweet tooth, she went to have an ice cream soda at Fortnum and Mason. This was doubly fortuitous, because she got a call from Ping Ping saying that her client wanted a second girl and that his apartment was nearby in Jermyn Street, just a few minutes’ walk from where she was. “What a stroke of luck!” Koje thought as she put on her coat and paid her bill.


When Koje arrived, Ping Ping was already in bed with the client and so she took of her dress and joined in the fun. The client couldn’t believe his luck when he saw how young and pretty she was and told the girls to have fun together while he freshened up in the bathroom. They didn’t do much while he was out of the room, but as soon as he returned they started to kiss and touch each other, barely suppressing their giggles while he sat on the edge of the bed getting more and more excited. When Koje began to lick Ping Ping between her legs, he couldn’t wait any longer and took Koje from behind. Then Ping Ping began to kiss him and fondle his balls until he erupted in ecstasy, then both the girls took turns cleaning him with their tongues before he collapsed and bid them both goodbye.


Ping Ping and Koje left the apartment with full wallets and walked down to Bond Street where they did some shopping before parting company and going their separate ways. Koje was getting worldlier by the day, though she hadn’t lost that innocence which was so appealing to her clients. There will be more adventures for Koje in the weeks to come, and one of them almost shatters her innocence, so that will be the subject of the next blog here on Hot Japanese Escorts.



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